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Mold has taken a profound foothold in the basement, due to the leakage of water through the foundation. Getting that fixed!!!! Also had mold in a few spots upstairs, around windows and in a under insulated closet.

Heath G

Mold remediation. House has been taken down to the studs.

Terry N

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Mold Removal - Mold Removal Questions
1.40 What is mold remediation?


A. Mold remediation is the removal of mold patterns, particularly inside houses. It's meant to control the spread of mold, if not completely eliminating it. If done correctly, elimination should be at the maximum. The process consists of removing any debri or substance that's been engulfed with mold. The process would then continue onto washing and scrubbing. The use of pressure washers are common in this step. Following the basic cleanup, a bleach solution would be applied to the affected areas. Products like Shockwave or Simple Green are often used.

1.20 Will insurance cover mold removal?

Q. We had some water damage about 4 weeks ago. Our insurance company had an adjustor come in and estimate the cost of repairs. We got the check from them and are in the process of re doing it. Today the dry wall company found mold in all of the rooms and this was not taken into account when we got the estimate. Should insurance cover the cost of mold removal?

A. It's highly unlikely. The very few insurance companies that have policies that DO cover mold remediation, limit coverage to $1,000 or $5,000. Then, they require you to have it done, or they cancel you. Mold remediation can easily cost $30,000, or even more. Worse, because mold is NORMAL, and part of the world, any time your moisture levels go up, the mold comes back. MOST mold is not that 'toxic mold' that worries everyone so much, so if you haven't had the mold tested, you should pay to do that first. This company could just be trying to drum up a lot of business.

1.20 Which insurance company provides the best rate on general liability insurance for mold removal businesses?



1.20 Mold Removal Question?

Q. Okay, I had a leak in my shower handle core. It leaked in the shared wall with the closet and bathroom. It is a pretty small area along the bottom of the wall next to the floor. I've had a couple companies come give me estimates and it seems they give me two options. 1) Tear out the entire walls and nearly all of the bathroom (including the shower) because mold is probably growing in between the shower pan, along the outside wall etcc.. Costing nearly 2-3 thousand dollars. But, hey they will get all of the mold. 2) Another company said there is no need to tear out the shower. Just fix the mold problem that we can see in the closet and contain as much as we can (some spray?) without taking out the shower. This way apparently takes out the problem area (the leak is fixed). But I'm assuming doesnt kill ever single mold spore as the other estimate offered. And this estimate was roughly ~500 dollars or so. Any advice? Is it imperitive to get every single spore of mold? Edit: Assuming I clean up the leak and the place where a mass of mold has begun to grow. If I were to leave mold in some corner that I couldn't reach.... what kind of issues would this cause? There is no type of moisture anywhere near it now. I might be able to spray some bleach solution back behind there.

A. I would try the least expensive way first, making sure they spray it down with a bleach and water solution-- you don't need fancy chemicals...bleach is the key. You should tear out any drywall that has mold on it-- not necessarily the whole sheet, but get a wide margin around the mold. I'm not clear on whether you can see the mold of it it's behind the wall-- that get's tricky. You want them to take out enough so you can see how far it's spread. If you get it quickly, you shouldn't have to tear out the whole bathroom. Make sure you wear a mask if you're around it, though.

1.20 Is there any government help with mold removal?

Q. Our basement is riddled with mold. White fluffy stuff on the floor, and I'm sure other various kinds all over. When it rains, water pours in through cracks in the wall. And we don't really have any great form of drainage. It smells very bad. As far as I know, we haven't been getting sick from it, but you can never tell. Any suggestions? We don't have enough money to have a company come in and remove it, but we have two little girls and i don't want them getting sick. I would love to have the money to do all that but have no idea how we could afford it or even how to do it.

A. Try contacting the Health Dept.

1.20 My daughter is thinking about buying a home that has mold?

Q. My daughter is thinking about buying a home that has some mold. It was a house that was once used as a grow house. She is not quite sure how much mold there is but there is some on base boards and over a door in from the garage there is no flooring to be removed. Can a mold inspector remove a portion of the wall to inspect if the house is bank owned. The house to me is priced to high for the damages in the home. Will the bank take offers on homes and will an insurance company insure a house that had mold (after removal of course). Does anyone know if in the walls, what has to be done and how costly. Thank for help or advice.

A. Here are mold-related symptoms, including death... Look in yellow pages for something like environmental professional, environmental engineer, industrial hygienist, or indoor air quality specialist. They can tell you, with air samples, exactly what you are dealing with. If toxic mold, bank should come down dramatically on price and they may be held liable if they don't disclose to others. At that point, it's an interesting decision... Check out the remarkable research on toxic mold removal done by environmental expert Dr Ed Close. Simply diffusing Thieves essential oil regularly will likely result in an environment very hostile to mold. Cost of the Thieves Household Cleaner, a diffuser and a couple bottles of the Thieves oil that Dr Close recommends to his remediation clients: about $250. I've always felt this knowledge would open a huge opportunity for investors that can stomach the risk. Buy homes at remediation-required prices, see if the Thieves trick will solve the problem before traditional remediation techniques, make a huge and honest profit because you know something that is not yet common knowledge.

1.20 I need housecleaning rates?

Q. What is a reasonable housecleaning rate to charge my customers? I do Garage Organizing Yard Services and Indoor Room Painting. I have been asked to clean a vacant rental which intails appliance cleaning mold removal in bathroom kitchen counter tops and cabinets. Any suggestions please submit. Thank you. I been asked to do this job on Saturday

A. I usually charge $15.00/hour. For a vacant rental, after I look and see how dirty it is, I usually multiply the number of hours I think it will take by $15 and give them a flat rate. However, with the mold removal, that is tricky and will require extra work. It also depends on how dirty it is and how much you are doing. Charge what YOU feel is a fair price for all your labor. Vacant rentals are the most labor intensive. Good luck!

1.20 Can anyone recommend a mold remediation company in the bay area?

Q. I live in san francisco and my room has a really bad case of mold. i've researched some companies but i've read both good and bad reviews so i dont know which company to go with this summer to start the remediation. is there anyone who has dealt with a similar situation and found a company that did a wonderful job for a reasonable price in the bay area? please tell me what your experience was like and the quality of work they did. thanks so much!

A. ERS ( in Foster City, CA. They're a bit expensive. Very professional folks. I only have experience with their inspection (they visited the affected area at scheduled time, took photos of the areas from inside and outside, wrote up a professional report and also provided a CD with digital photographs they took), not the actual mold removal so don't know much about that. You might also want to check on yahoo locals for more options.;_ylt=ApgGMgrOFBWoMfxMW2gYSjiGNcIF;_ylv=3?p=mold+remediation&csz=san+francisco%2C+ca

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